Me, in the Tropics! (whilst training and working at Cambridge University Botanic Garden)

Firstly, let me introduce myself –  my name is Cathy and I think my love of plants first started when I was in my early teens when I was given an exotic seed growing kit as a Christmas present.  I was thrilled when I successfully germinated some of the seeds  and then tried my hand at growing all manner of plants from seeds including lemons and a date palm!  These early adventures really sparked what has since become a life-long passion with plants and gardening.

Initially I was very much self-taught, it was only later that I undertook training in garden design and horticulture.  Over the years I have continued to garden and grow plants for pleasure either to use in my own garden or when I have had an allotment.  As well as working in horticulture in various jobs.

In my experience the rewards of gardening are huge and include a greater appreciation of nature and the changing seasons, the chance to grow your own vegetables and flowers and create your own unique garden space to in and enjoy.  There is also the added bonus that gardening can help improve both your physical and mental health.  I find its very easy to lose track of time out in the garden and in the process other thoughts and worries tend to disappear.

I’m still happiest when I’m outside either working with plants or out walking in nature which is one of the reasons why I’m currently a self-employed gardener and garden designer.    I hope that my blog will inspire you in some small way to get out and there and enjoy both your garden and nature.